Water Widget

Water is an important part of our daily lives.


Continue helping to save the planet from the comfort of your shower purchase a Water Widget!

When installed in a shower hose immediately behind the shower handset, water flowing through the device draws air into the water flow, which increases the apparent volume of water spraying from the shower head.

This device is useful in Residential homes and more so cuts a considerable amount in water bills in Commercial establishments.

Fitting the Water Widget to your shower can make a real difference. The Water Widget cuts wasted water and energy bills and carbon whilst still maintaining the performance of your shower so you don’t even notice the difference.  Performance is the key to the Water Widget success.

Standard water saving devices such as restrictors or regulators relies on cutting back the water flow which obviously just results in a poor shower. Using the Water Widget patented technology we have managed to combine real water and energy saving with performance.

We have put the performance back into water & energy saving – not to mention MONEY SAVING!!